Prof. Dr. Alexander Bergs, Chair


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Office: Tamara Schölling, Elisabetta Michelon

ifaa@uos -- Tel: +49 541 969 6203

Leonid Berov, M.Sc.

PhD Scholarhsip / Alexander-von-Humboldt-Stiftung


Current project: A Cognitive Model of Narrative Generation Based on the Phenomenology of Composition


Dr. Meike Pentrel, M.A.


Current projects: 

- Fragments in syntax

- The Position of Adverbial Clauses in the Diary of Samuel Pepys (1660-1669). A Cognitive Historical Study


Marie-Christine Benen

Editorial Assistant Linguistics Vanguard 


Current project:

CxG beyond the sentence – developing a FID construction



Katrin Birgit Kohn

Lecturer / PhD Scholarhsip / Alexander-von-Humboldt-Stiftung


Current project: 

                            - Deviating from linguistic norms in literary language

Former faculty members

Dr. Wiebke Ahlers


Universität Dortmund


  Dr. Claudia Lehmann


   Universität Bremen

(Some of our) Project partners around the world - in no particular order...



  Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoffmann, Eichstätt (Construction Grammar,

                                       Language and Creativity, STR)

                                Prof. Abby Cohn, Cornell (Linguistics Vanguard)

                                Prof. Jeff Good, Buffalo (Linguistics Vanguard)

                                Prof. Mark Turner, Case Western (Anneliese Mayer Awardee)

                                Prof. Marcelle Freiman & Jeremy Page, Macquarie U (Cognition and Poetics)

                                Dr. Nikolaos Lavidas, Thessaloniki (Old and Middle English Summer School)

                                Prof. Margaret Freeman, MICA (Cognition and Poetics, Book series)

                                Prof. Peter Schneck, UOS (Cognition and Poetics, Book series)

                                Prof. Achim Stephan, UOS (Cognition and Poetics, Book series)

                                Prof. Dr. Lars Hinrichs, UT Austin, STR

                                Prof. Rachel Walker, USC Los Angeles, STR



Where to find me

Universität Osnabrück

Neuer Graben 40

D-49069 Osnabrück




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