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The Institute of English and American Studies at Osnabrück University was founded in 2007. Integral part of the Institute is the Chair of English Language and Linguistics. Our team comprises one full professorship, one senior lectureship, and between two and four lecturers, plus varying numbers of research assistants (click on Team to find out more). While we are not strictly limited to any particular theoretical orientation, the main focus of our research can be broadly described as empirical, usage-based cognitive approaches to language structure.  We offer expertise in both synchronic and diachronic linguistics. 


In 2012 we also founded the Research Cluster in Cognition and Poetics, which aims at promoting international and interdisciplinary research at the crossroads between linguistics, literary studies and cognitive science. Please note that while we still conduct research in this field, the Cluster as such has been discontinued in 2019.


Our lab is the home of almost a dozen research and publication projects. Please click on Projects to learn more about these. 



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